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Rustic Bed Assembly


Before You Start

Have All The Tools You Need Ready.  you'll need;

- Rubber Mallet (16oz is what we use)

 - Power Drill

- #2 Square Bit

Optional Tools:

 - Ratchet Tie down straps 

 - Sharp Jack knife

 - Small Drill Bit 

Step 1

Step 1 - Place headboard near the final position of the bed.

Step 2 - Insert the tenons of one siderail into the headboard & footboard loosely, with the crossrail mortise holes at the bottom.

Step 3 - Insert all crossrails into the siderail. Queen and king size beds have two to six support legs that should be inserted into the crossrails at this time.




Step 4 - Gently swing the unattached post of the footboard away from the headboard, to give the final siderail enough room to be inserted.

Step 5 - Insert the tenons of the final siderail into the headboard loosely, and insert crossrails into the mortise holes on the siderail. Working from head to foot is usually best. It may be helpful to use a rubber mallet to tap the crossrail into the sidrail.





Step 6 - After the bed is fully assembled, use the included screws at the mortise and tenon joints at the head and foot of the bed. Usually 8 screws are required, but several extra are included with your bed.