Custom Amish Log Furniture

Our custom furniture is available in white cedar, red cedar, hickory, and black walnut. Not all items are available in all woods.  

German Peeled - Posts from 3" to 8" go through the "German Peeling" Process, meant to emulate Posts shaped by Draw Knife. Our most popular style of bed.
Rustic Peeled - Knobby and Knotty, With the Bark "Shucked"
Extra Beefy- Extra Thick Posts and Crosspieces,  Our most  Impressive Beds.

Case Goods

Full Size - Large, but Well Proportioned, Full size Dressers and Chests offer the Maximum in storage space, and Compliment Larger Rooms.
Cottage Style - Smaller Scale Furniture With more Traditional Proportions. Great for Smaller Rooms and Tight Spaces.
Flat Panel Regular -  Our Standard Style, Rounded Butcher Block Tops, German Peeled Log Handles & Trim Pieces.
Flat Panel Rustic -  Similar to Flat Panel, but with the Addition of a Natural Edge Top, Natural Edged drawers, and Rustic Handles.
Half Log - German Peeled 3" Wide  Split Log, Sized Between Full and Cottage Styles.
Rustic - "Shucked"  Log Trim, Handles, and  Drawer Fronts.


Natural Edge
-  We use the "Live Edge" on the tops of our Rustic Line, but we can build almost anything with a Natural Edge Top.
Wood Mix - We can build with any mix of woods and styles on almost any piece.
Wild! - We look for the craziest, wildest natural features in each stick used for this option.



Custom Orders

Like Dad always says " If you don't see what you like, then draw a Picture." Here are some tips that will make the customization process easier.

General Customization Tips

Find Something Similar - Find a similar item in our store that we can base dimensions off, Frame or drawer size, or some other aspect of the piece, this will allow for a quicker build and may save some money as well.

Measure! - Measure where you're going to put the item. Also measure what you are going to put in the item. This way we can be sure that the piece will fit your needs.

We are happy to custom Build!

Draw A Clear Picture - It doesn't have to be pretty, but having a picture of what you want with detailed measurements  will make the building process easier. If necessary, Josh is happy to draw out your custom items, and render them in 3D!

Write A Description - Tell us as best you can exactly what you want and don't want in the piece. What type of wood will it be? What will it be used for? As well as anything else you think will help us satisfy your need.

Measure Your Room - Make sure that the table will fit in the spot where you want it to go. Also, consider how you will get the table into the room. We can make the legs detachable if there are tough corners.

Tips for Custom Dining Tables

Ambrosia Maple Table with Benches

Stump, Leg, Trestle - Decide what type of leg you would like. Leg style tables tend to be less expensive and give you a good compromise between space used and space available. Stump style pedestals are very attractive and add a lot to the look of the table, however, Stumps can be quite large and hard to get chairs around. A trestle style leg is a compromise between a pedestal and a leg table. it's an attractive option and allows for maximum seating at the table, however a trestle is the most expensive leg option.

Rustic Breakfast Nook Rustic Breakfast Nook

How Many Need To Sit There? - The most important decision. normally a 42" x 72" table will seat 6 comfortably.