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At the request of our customers, we began building vanities and kitchen cabinets several years ago. Base and wall cabinets must have very careful measurements. The best way to determine the ideal size of your cabinet is to measure the entire room, and mark all permenent items (throne, bathtub, linen closet, the door, and direction it swings, range, water pipes, etc.) From there, we may be able to suggest a size. Alternatively, simply measure your current cabinets, and we can size from that. Also, consider how much storage space will be required.






Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic Red Cedar Kitchen Cabinets

Don't get stuck with stock cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom. We are happy to help design your new rustic kitchen. The most popular wood choice in kitchens is Rustic red cedar, shown left and below. Red Cedar looks wonderful with natural granite tops and brings a bold color into the kitchen that warms up modern stainless steel appliances.

Rustic Red Cedar Kitchen Cabinets\

Kitchen cabinets do require some thought in their configuration.Here are a few factors to consider before ordering:

1. Consider your "work triangle". Ideally, common kitchen duties should be able to be performed with no more than two steps in any direction.

2. Drawer units should be placed in between sink and dishwasher for efficient clean up, with dish storage ideally in a wall cabinet above the dishwasher unit and beside the sink.

3. Keep "fancy internal hardware" to a minimum. Very often, even the highest quality roll out refuse shelves, lazy susan corner shelf storage, and other moving hardware meant to ease access to base cabinets will not hold up to every day use. We encourage our customers to consider this, and when possible, only add essential hardware to a kitchen design.

Rustic Kitchen

Counter Tops

We can make counter tops for kitchen cabinets in white cedar, red cedar, both natural edge and round edge, as well as black walnut.

Red Cedar and stone Bar

Cabinet Refacing

Why replace your entire cabinet, when they are still in good shape? We are happy to offer doors and drawer faces, as well as side panels for cabinet refacing projects. Unfortunately, we are not able to install, but we can recommend local builders.

kitchen beforeKitchen After

Finished Kitchen Refacing


Vanities, Linen closets, and Medicine cabinets

Finish off your bathroom with a vanity, linen closet and medicine cabinet to suit the rustic furniture in the rest of your home! We also offer toilet paper holders and towel racks in a variety of styles.

Rustic Red Cedar VanityRustic Red Cedar Vanity

Custom Slab Top Vanity

Hickory & Cedar Vanity