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Tips for Trying Mattresses

-Consumer search has a great article about mattress basics. Have a look if mattress jargon is confusing to you.

- Sit on the edge of the bed, does the edge collapse? Foam edge encasement increases comfort for many people

- Lay the way you sleep from 6 to 10 minutes.

- Remember, almost everything you try will feel good after a day of mattress shopping.





To see (and try) our lineup of symbol mattresses, stop by our Sofa & Sleep Shop, located directly behind Attic Treasures. We try to make mattress shopping easy by offering great quality at every pricepoint. Our prices always stay the same, so you have all the time you need to make this important descison.


Sofa and Sleep Shop


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We have been very pleased with Symbol mattresses quality. The Symbol Dorchester is our top of the line mattress, selling at $598 everyday as a queen size set.