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Rustic Framed door

Did you know that we offer replacements for boring box-store millwork and trim? We have White Cedar and red cedar German Peeled and Rustic slabs that can be used to trim around windows, as moulding, baseboard, and even to cap a pass-through as pictured! A special thanks to our customers who provided pictures of completed trimwork and mantles.

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Sunday ----- 12 to 5

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Thanks for Visiting our site!  We are a small family business started in 1999 by Dad (Steve Fraser). For several years prior, Mom (Louise Fraser) managed the Oak Gallery in this same building. After Dad retired from 20 years in the grocery business, they decided to widen the focus of the store, and changed the name to reflect the expanded inventory.

We only photograph a portion of what we stock, we hope that our site can give you a small taste of what we can do!

Custom Furniture

See Your Dream in Three Dimensions! We now have the ability to virtually draw any of your ideas to scale at no charge! Josh is available Monday through Wednesday to draw up your ideas, then show them to you in the wood of your choice. You can also email Josh directly with your ideas, and usually receive a 3D drawing by the end of the day.

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